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Our mission is plain and simple — we are dedicated to changing the world one cheat treat at a time! We want to offer the world tasty heart-healthy, macro-friendly protein treats that are unlike ordinary protein bars, snacks and shakes. Our quality handmade treats are delicious and because each treat includes high amounts of protein, practically guilt-free.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning and, just like all the greats, my story begins in the basement of my parents’ house. As a child, I was very obese, weighing nearly 290 pounds. One day, I woke up and looked in the mirror wondering what I had done to myself. After realizing just how much I had let myself go and how bad my health had been affected by it, I adjusted my eating habits and began to exercise. One thing I was forced to let go of was sweets. It was a constant battle of will to stay away from sweets, especially since they were so readily available in my household.

I decided to start creating my own healthy versions of the sweets that I loved so I can enjoy desserts without completely derailing my healthy eating lifestyle and so, the experimenting began. I have spent the last few years creating and perfecting desserts from scratch that I can enjoy without feeling guilty. At first, it was just a hobby; I would make a protein cheesecake here and there for my family and myself. In no time, they began to encourage me to introduce my protein cheesecakes to the world, and so I did. It has been a long and tough journey, but a dream is only a dream if one does not chase the opportunity to make it a reality. I have chased and now want to keep my reality alive and well.

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